2 Spaghi Pasta Bar

Run by three Italians, 2 Spaghi is a small pasta shop with a simple mission: prepare fresh, made-to-order pasta plates quickly and well. Customers are invited to pair a variety pasta shapes (fusilli, bucatini, tagliatelle, etc.) with an often-changing list of popular sauces and toppings. On any day, 2 Spaghi might list cacio e pepe, carbonara, puttanesca, amatriciana, and aglio, olio e peperoncino sauces on its blackboard. The good news is that you can't go wrong with any of them.

In addition to simple pastas, hand-rolled, fresh ravioli are also available with three types of fillings (go for the spinach-and-ricotta version, smothered in a mixed-cheese topping). Gnocchi is made on Thursdays. Pastas are priced between €5 and €10, with most of them closer to the latter. If you have any stomach space left, try the panna cotta with strawberry sauce (€2), which is light and creamy, and without the cloying sweetness this dessert often exhibits.

Perhaps the only issue with 2 Spaghi is their location - they're inside Gozsdu Udvar, a tourist-heavy courtyard lined with overpriced bars and restaurants. 2 Spaghi isn’t like them, but a more intimate location would be more fitting for this charming pasta joint. (If you don't like it there, you can also buy some fresh pasta to go.)