The best coffee for artist Oksana Devochkina is served on her balcony

Photo: Barna Szász for Offbeat

Oksana Devochkina, a native of St. Petersburg, has been living in Budapest since 2014. She's a painter, a curator, and the owner of Kunstfuck Art Residency. Kunstfuck provides painting classes for people of all ages and skill levels inside a high-ceilinged pre-war apartment located on a charming Budapest side street.

Which neighborhood do you like to hang out in?

I like to hang out in Wekerletelep and Napraforgó utca, because they are green, full of local architectural heritage, and look very unique. I’ve even dedicated my landscape painting courses to those areas. I also find Béla Bartók út is good for a walk, there are lots of ice cream shops, cafes, and friends.

Where do you usually go for coffee or a drink?

I usually go to my balcony. I think Kunstfuck studio is the best location, with good view, also the coffee temperature is exactly how I like it.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Budapest?

I like Dobrumba because I never feel tired after eating their food. The menu is very healthy, but I never left hungry!

What are some places that fans of contemporary art shouldn’t miss while in Budapest?

I don’t enjoy galleries, and I find the artists' studios way more interesting. Mine is one of them. Here one can find not only my recent works, but the community of Kunstfuck Art Residency: students, professional creatives, non-professional artists, dancers and models from all over the world. Here we paint, shoot movies, and play piano. Ludwig Museum might be also interesting.

What tip would you give for Budapest visitors to get the most out of their time in the city?

Bring an incredible memory from Budapest buying a design or an art piece from local creatives. For this, you might need to explore local concept stores and workshops like Jahan Matboo and Ksenia Wallenstein for handmade ceramics, Vinylize for sunglasses, Nanushka and Wonderlab for women’s clothing. They’re so much more fun than roaming around Váci utca.

Do you offer any workshops for visitors who are in Budapest only for a few days?

I even have programs with sketching tours to explore the city and create paintings inspired by the local atmosphere. So, yes :)

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