7 Restaurants And Hotels To Try In The Eger Wine Region

There are a handful of excellent restaurants, cafés, and hotels in the Eger wine region; be sure to book ahead if you're visiting during the peak (summer-fall) season.

Photo: 1552hotel.hu

1552 Boutique Hotel (location; [email protected]; +36 30 740 3701; from €100)

Located inside a beautifully refurbished Baroque building in downtown, the recently opened 1552 is one of the nicest hotels in Eger. Each of the rooms has a different design inspired by Eger’s history. I stayed in “Bikavér” where the wallpaper depicts a raging bull and the headboards are cut in the shape of wine bottles. There’s also a “Turkish” room and a “Castle” suite. Breakfast is generous, the service friendly.

Photo: Tas Tóbiás

Imola Udvarház (location; [email protected]; +36 36 516 180; from €70)

This three-star boutique hotel is right in the heart of Eger, within minutes of the main points of attraction (the castle is just steps away). The rooms are tidy, air-conditioned, and come with a view; hotel guests can park their cars in the underground garage. Eger’s top restaurant, Macok, is on the ground floor of the building.

Photo: Tas Tóbiás

Macok Bistro (location; +36 36 516 180)

The restaurant on the ground floor of Imola Udvarház is likely the best in Eger. Macok serves updated and beautifully plated Hungarian and regional dishes such as the wonderful trout filet sourced from the nearby Szilvásvárad and paired with tender mushrooms. With mains in the €10-15 range, Macok isn’t cheap, but it’s very good. Brum Brum, on the opposite side, is a pizza restaurant specializing in Roman-style pizzas by the slice.

Photo: Tas Tóbiás

Kappu (location)

Eger’s specialty coffee scene is noticeably robust thanks to places like Kappu. Kristóf Koch, a professional barista, stands behind the counter of this teeny-tiny café near downtown and will offer you the choice of at least two types of beans for your order. Apart from espresso-based coffees, he also prepares V60, AeroPress, and cascara, a brewed drink made from the dried skins of the coffee cherry.

Photo: Tas Tóbiás

Depresso coffee shop (location; +36 30 886 6742)

Restaurants and cafés located on a city’s main square must be taken with a grain of salt, but Depresso is no tourist trap. You’re here for the views, the new-wave coffees, and the delicious mákos guba, a traditional Hungarian poppy-seeds dessert swimming in a rich vanilla sauce.

Photo: Tas Tóbiás

Kávésdoboz Coffee Bar & Deli (location)

Another charming new-wave coffee shop, this one also doubling as a specialty store for cheeses, charcuterie, coffee beans, and Eger wines. I’d come here in the mornings for the addictively delicious morning pastries (chocolate rolls! pistachio buns! túró-filled croissants!).

Photo: Tas Tóbiás

Kis Sziget Kavezo és Bár (location; +36 36 311 403)

This snug coffee shop hides a bit outside the city center flanked by Communist-era high rises. Apart from a range of excellently prepared espresso-based drinks and teas, they also serve sandwiches and wines. Best of all are the cozy nooks both upstairs and on the ground level.